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The stories of the Saudi Royal Family: Part 2



Execution of Princess Misha’al
This is a shocking story of one Romeo and Juliet story that was as bad as the original.
Princess Misha’al bint Fahd al Saud was in an unhappy arranged marriage with an older
cousin. When she left for Beirut to pursue further studies, she met Khaled, son of a Saudi
diplomat, and fell in love. They carried on with their affair even after coming back to the
kingdom but were caught when they attempted to flee the country together. This act of hers
had enraged her conservative grandfather, Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, brother of the
When the princess refused to denounce her lover and confessed to the adultery, she along
with her lover were taken to a parking lot in Jeddah, where the 19-year- old Princess was
executed by a gunshot to the head. Her lover was made to watch this and was beheaded after
that. He was botched so badly that it took four strokes to complete. Though the Saudi
authorities attempted to keep this incident quiet, it caused an international outcry in 1980 after
becoming the subject of a documentary-drama named “Death of A Princess”. This was
broadcasted on the BBC and PBS, despite the attempts made by the Saudis.
They expelled the British ambassador to Riyadh and withdrew 400 Saudi royals from Britain.
This incident caused a loss of £200 million to the UK. The film was rebroadcast in 2005 and can
be viewed online.

Royal Lock Up
Princess Anoud al Fayez, one of the numerous ex-wives of the late King Abdullah, who was
divorced by him several times and now lives in the UK, gave a testimony that the king kept
the four daughters he had with her, under virtual house arrest in the Jeddah royal compound.
Princesses Jawaher, Sahar, Hala, and Maha are said to have been under the control of three of
their half-brothers for the past 14 years. The reason for holding them up is their racy lifestyles
and criticism of the royal family. The mystery is that other of the king’s daughters have had
successful careers and even championed human rights, but only these ladies are being held.
The women are locked up under terrible conditions. In an interview with RT, Princesses Hala
and Maha claimed to be running out of food and water. They also said that they were being
held for their stance on women’s rights and opposition to male guardianship over women.
They were never charged with any crime and the case was dismissed as a “private matter.”
In an email, Princess Sahar explained that they, with their mother, had always been vocal
about poverty, women’s rights and other causes, which they discussed with their late father. It
didn’t sit well with him and his sons and, so they have been the targets ever since. Though
they have been treated terribly all their lives, the last 15years have been worse. She revealed
that her sister Hala had raised her voice against drugging of political prisoners, after which
she was threatened. With the situation deteriorating, she was also drugged. This was not the
end and she was kidnapped and then left in the desert, following which she was thrown in
Olaysha’s Women’s Jail in Riyadh. She confessed to having been drugged at some point in her
life along with her sisters, Maha and Jawaher. She also added, “We have been told to lose all
hope of ever having a normal life”

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A Breakdown Of HIP-HOP’s Most Notorious Murders




Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace, otherwise called Biggie Smalls, were probably the most notable and powerful rappers of our opportunity.

Despite the fact that the two specialists ruled the hip-bounce scene in the mid ’90s — with Tupac in California and Biggie in New York — they were both deplorably slaughtered in drive-by shootings. Their homicides have stayed unsolved until this day, and the twosome’s warmed East Coast-West Coast contention has energized different paranoid notions throughout the years.

Who was 2Pac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur was conceived on June 16, 1971. In spite of the fact that he would wind up synonymous with West Coast hip-jump, he was conceived in New York City. His folks were the two individuals from the Black Panther Party.

2Pac’s late mother, Afeni, wound up pregnant with her child while on bail. According to NBC News, she had really been charged, alongside different individuals from the Panthers, for scheming to bomb police headquarters and retail establishments in New York City, and in spite of the fact that the charges were later absolved she had burned through 11 months in prison.

2Pac’s dad, Billy Garland, lost contact with the rapper when he was 5 years of age. They wouldn’t rejoin until the point when 2Pac was 23.

In 1996, 2Pac told writer Kevin Powell in Vibe magazine that “I thought my dad was dead all my life. I believed I required a daddy to give me the general tour and I didn’t have one.”

A single parent with two youngsters, Afeni moved the family frequently and battled monetarily. They in the end moved to Baltimore, and 2Pac selected at the esteemed Baltimore School for the Arts. He met his friend Jada Pinkett Smith there and called the time “the freest I at any point felt.”

Simply this year, Jada opened up about her association with 2Pac on Sway’s Sirius XM appear, conceding that she met him when she was managing drugs.

“I’ve been having sort of an existential emergency around Pac since I was turning out, he was coming in, and there was a time when we met. And afterward we kinda were going our different ways. What’s more, I just felt like, ‘alright, God, one day you will improve the situation Pac what you improved the situation me, which is, you spared me.’ And that just never occurred for him,” she said.

[Photo: Getty Images]

The family moved to Marin City, California, and Afeni capitulated to split addiction, according to NBC News.

At 17, 2Pac met a lady named Leila Steinberg, who might help him in the long run get his foot into the music business in 1990 as a roadie and artist for the hip-bounce gather Digital Underground known for “The Humpty Dance.”

In 1991 a recording debut on “Same Song” was made by him from the Nothing yet Trouble soundtrack. He marked to Interscope Records and discharged his presentation collection, 2Pacalypse Now, in 1991. The collection was proclaimed for going up against subjects like bigotry, viciousness and police fierceness, particularly on tracks like “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “Caught.”

As 2Pac’s mother stated, she was “in the prime of utilizing” and didn’t know that her child was getting to be acclaimed.

She once told the Associated Press: “Somebody disclosed to me that Tupac was on The Arsenio Hall Show, and I thought they were lying.”

She got spotless a year later after 2Pac went up against her.

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Top 3 Scandals In sports




Professional sports is an arena where there is a huge potential for earning and decision making. With immense power to make decision often leads to scandals due to greed and ambitious misconduct. Players, mangers, and club often pay a very hefty price both professionally as well as personally when such events are uncovered. Loss of trust, legal ramifications and a tough after life are probably the results of such scandals.

Today we look at 3 top scandals that rocked the sports world and proved to be a great example for the fans and people around the globe alike.

Rape conviction for Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a controversial person. Known for his eccentricities, he had been embroiled in controversies from the beginning of his career. However, the boxing professional life suffered a serious blow when Tyson was convicted of rape. Desiree Washington accused Tyson of raping her in 1991 at an Indianapolis hotel which went on to become the most shocking and sensational trial in sports history. Tyson was eventually found guilty and was sent to prison for 6 years; out of 6 years, he served only 3 years after which he was allowed to fight professionally.

Sexual Assault Case of Kobe Bryant

Basketball sensation Kobe Bryant was arrested in 2003 for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old Canadian woman. Charges were dismissed when the accuser denied testifying and the case was settled out of court. Later it was revealed that the player had sexual relations with the woman but it was a consensual one and therefore was not a criminal. As a result, Bryant lost several of his endorsement deals, including a lucrative one with fast food giant McDonalds. The Bryant case was voted the top sports story of 2003 by the Associated Press.

Doping in Tour de France

Lance Armstrong was the favourite target for the media for doping allegations in the Tour de France race. Despite relentless accusations, Armstrong has never been found guilty of using illegal performance enhancers. However, other cyclist sportspersons like Alexander Vinokourov, Cristian Moreni, Jan Ullrich and Floyd Landis were found guilty in doping.

Scandals remain prevalent in the sports arena due to ambitions and abuse of power. Doping, sexual assault, gambling rackets, weapon assault, etc. are some of the charges that sports professionals are often involved with. The high stress and lavish lifestyle surrounded by tempting offers of corruption and power often pave the way to immoral conduct on the part of sportsperson who are looked upon as role models and trendsetters.

Disclaimer: Photographs utilized by this page is not the sole property of the page or it administrators; the photos utilized by us come from around the worldwide web and are shared publicly.

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MARINE Reports ‘PSTD’ To Avoid Jail Time For Attacking Iraqi Restaurant




Now people use post-traumatic disorder as a reason for assaulting individuals.

A court in Oregon thinks so. Damien Rodriguez won’t confront any correctional facility time despite the fact that he was initially accused of strike and a despise wrongdoing, charges that ordinarily place individuals in prison for no less than five or six years. Rather, he got five years of probation and a fine, The Oregonian reported.

Rodriguez was a dynamic obligation Marine when he assaulted a server at an Iraqi eatery with a seat in Portland last year, The Associated Press reported.

A companion told police that he endured a “flashback within the eatery.” Before assaulting the server he supposedly discussed how individuals he slaughtered in Iraq before saying considerably all the more stigmatizing comments in regards to the nation

There’s no question that the assault happened. It was gotten on video.

Rodriguez, 41, conceded to a hate crime and to attempted assault in Multnomah County Circuit Court, a court that went simple on him on account of a distress he purportedly endured at war. His barrier lawyer contended that the assault originated from his PTSD. Prosecutors had a tendency to concur, expressing that representatives at the Iraqi eatery DarSalam bolstered Rodriguez’s light sentence. The worker didn’t endure genuine wounds and Rodriguez has been requested by the court to give him $11,000 dollars, agreeing to The Daily Beast.

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