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The Ryan Lochte Scandal



Ryan Lochte claimed that he and three other American Olympic swimmers were robbed at gunpoint during the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro in August, this news initially garnered sympathy from the public.

However, soon enough Brazilian police alleged that Lochte had exaggerated and fabricated the incident and they went on to charge him with making a false report of a robbery.

Lochte apologized for his “behavior,” telling Matt Lauer that he did in face fabricate the story. On the other hand, according to USA Today, Sports  Rio police’s account of the incident also may not be absolutely accurate.

He was also was suspended for 10 months from all swimming competitions by the United States Olympic Committee and USA Swimming.

Current Scenario: Lochte may have gotten an opportunity to redeem himself in the public eye with a role on “Dancing With the Stars,” but even that found controversy, with two protesters rushing the stage during the ABC series’ season premiere (the duo was subsequently arrested).

To redeem himself in the eyes of the public Lochte got an opportunity with a role on “Dancing With the Stars”, however even that went to waste due to a different controversy altogether. Two protesters rushed the stage during the ABC series’ season premiere, the duo was subsequently arrested.

He got voted out of the show within 8 weeks and has not been under the limelight since. Recently he shared and announced that he is expecting his very first child with his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid.

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Top Celebrity Involved In The OJ SIMPSON Trial





The O.J. Simpson trial was actually a media bazaar. The measure of drama that encompassed it is overpowering and to such an extent, that you may not understand that there were a few famous people paid a section in the madness.

Mysteries & Scandals, airing Fridays at 6/5 on Oxygen, kicks of the series with an in depth look at the O.J. Simpson case. Here are a portion of the VIPs you might not have known were associated with the case.

Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian, the father of the now super-renowned Kardashian ladies, was a dear companion of O.J. also, Nicole Brown Simpson. He and O.J. were the best of buddies. They initially met on a tennis court in 1969. Simpson was even a usher when Kardashian wedded Kris Jenner, as indicated by the Los Angeles Times.

In 1994, Kardashian was not an easily recognized name. The well-known father of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian sisters worked as a lawyer, and he chose to join his disfavored companion’s lawful team. The night before Simpson’s emotional police pursue, Simpson dozed at the Kardashian home. Simpson even thought about suicide while in Khloe’s room.

Kardashian upheld O.J. yet, soon moved toward becoming clashed when he understood that his companion of quite a few years may have really slaughtered Nicole.

In a 1996 interview on ABC’s “20/20,” he uncovered that he speculated Simpson was blameworthy.


“I wake up in the middle of the night. I’m so conflicted because of that blood evidence,” he said.

His response to the “not guilty” verdict was legendary.

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A List of Coach Scandals



Coaches are paid a huge number of dollars and get robust rewards for performing well in national titles and bringing major attention and funding to their schools.  With the greater part of this attention comes a ton of temptations, as well.

1.             Mike Leach, Texas Tech: Former Texas Tech head football mentor Mike Leach has a popular temper, yet when he was suspended just before the Valero Alamo Bowl in January 2010, Leach foes and companions were shocked.

2.            Rick Pitino, University of Louisville: University of Louisville b-ball mentor Rick Pitino conceded in 2009 to having engaged in sexual relations with a lady who was not his significant other in 2003.

3.            Mike Price, University of Alabama: Hard celebrating Alabama football mentor did little to help the picture of the powerhouse sports school that additionally had a notoriety for overwhelming drinking.

4.           Baylor University ball scandal: Conservative Baylor University was hit with a stunning embarrassment in 2002 and 2003 that brought about the puzzling passing of a promising competitor and genuine claims of abusing NCAA directions.

5.            Clem Haskins, University of Minnesota: Minnesota Public Radio reports that this embarrassment was considered by the NCAA as being ” among the most serious cases of academic fraud in 20 years.”

6.            John Calipari, UMass and Memphis: Men’s ball mentor John Calipari has been lauded for conveying groups to national titles, but at the same time was named “the sleaziest mentor” by for two separate embarrassments he was associated with at two separate schools.

7.            The University of Colorado at Boulder football outrage:  Ten women submitted claims that they were raped and/or sexually assaulted by University of Colorado at Boulder football players at off-campus parties. CU coach Gary Barnett was suspended.

8.             Pokey Chatman, LSU: LSU ladies’ b-ball mentor Pokey Chatman needed to leave in March 2007, after a story was plugged about her sexual issue with one of her female players.

9.              University of Colorado enrollment embarrassment:  Another scandal involving the University of Colorado focuses on unethical recruitment practices.

10.            William and Mary Scandal of 1951: The athletic division, under the heading of McCray, began altering secondary school transcripts and school grades.



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Scandalous Food Safety Issues in China



Food security episodes in China have gotten expanded universal media examination following the change and opening of the nation, and it’s joining the World Trade Organization. Urban zones have turned out to be more mindful of food security as their wages rise. Food security offices in China have covering obligations. The 2008 Chinese drain outrage got the most consideration among food security episodes.

Poisonous Jinhua ham

In 2003, a few small producers of Jinhua hams (from Jinhua, Zhejiang) worked out of season and delivered hams amid hotter months, treating their hams with pesticides to forestall deterioration and creepy crawly pervasion. The hams were absorbed the pesticide dichlorvos, which is an unpredictable organophosphate bug spray utilized for fumigation.

Counterfeit baby formula

In April 2004, no less than 13 babies in Fuyang, Anhui and 50– 60 more in provincial zones of Anhui passed on of malnourishment from ingesting counterfeit powdered drain. Furthermore, 100– 200 different children in the region endured ailing health however survived. Nearby authorities in Fuyang captured 47 individuals who oversaw making and offering the phoney recipe and examiners found 45 sorts of substandard equation available to be purchased in Fuyang markets. More than 141 industrial facilities oversaw the generation of the recipe and Chinese authorities seized 2,540 packs of the phoney equation by mid-April. The State Food and Drug Administration requested an examination in May 2004.

Inside three days of ingesting the recipe, the children experienced what Chinese specialists depicted as “large head ailment,” since the infants’ heads swelled while their bodies ended up plainly slenderer from malnourishment. The phoney recipes were tried to have just 1-6% protein when the national prerequisite was 10% protein. The administration guaranteed to repay families and help cover doctor’s visit expenses. Most of the casualties were country families.

Adulterated pickled vegetables

In June 2004, the Chengdu Quality Inspection Department discharged assumes that exclusive around 23% of every single cured vegetable delivered in Chengdu, Sichuan had an adequate measure of substance added substances. The marks on the cured vegetables that should show the compound substance were additionally observed to be off base. In Sichuan, the processing plants had been utilizing mechanical review salt to pickle the vegetables and had been splashing pesticides containing high measures of DDVP on the cured vegetables previously shipment.

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