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From a food habit to worship



Dalit-Muslims and minority groups are being assaulted by Gau Rakshak Terrorists in India on the regular schedule since Modi and co. driven BJP came into control in 2014. Presently, in the wake of winning the decision in Uttar Pradesh, BJP chose to designate a Hindu devotee, Yogi Adityanath, as the best post of the state. Along these lines, after his arrangement, Gau Rakshak Terrorists have spread their wings further and have expanded the power with which they are assaulting Dalits and Muslims everywhere throughout the India by and by. A couple of days prior, another Muslim man was killed by these Gau Rakshak Terrorists in Alwar, Rajasthan. At the point when did Brahmin quit eating a hamburger and begin loving? Is eating meat truly not Hindu culture or custom as these self-broadcasted Gau Rakshaks are advancing?

We trust it is an opportunity to think back again and see did Brahmins ever eat Beef? Was eating meat Brahmins’ way of life? For what reason did Brahmins quit eating Beef and begin venerating cow? Is it accurate to say that it was a methodology to execute Buddhism and set up Brahminism? Here are a couple of passages’ from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s book “The Untouchables: Who Were They and Why They Became Untouchables?” section 9 to fourteenth.

What is the reason for the sickness which the Hindus have against meat eating? Were the Hindus constantly contradicted to meat eating? If not, for what reason did they grow such a sickness against it? Were the Untouchables given to hamburger eating from the very begin? For what reason did they not surrender hamburger eating when it was deserted by the Hindus? Were the Untouchables dependably Untouchables? On the off chance that some time ago the Untouchables were not Untouchables despite the fact that they ate a hamburger for what reason should meat eating offer ascent to Untouchability at a later-arrange? In the event that the Hindus were eating a hamburger, when did they surrender it? On the off chance that Untouchability is a reflex of the sickness of the Hindus against hamburger eating, to what extent after the Hindus had surrendered meat eating did Untouchability appear?

The hint of the love of the bovine is to be found in the battle amongst Buddhism and Brahmanism and the methods embraced by Brahmanism to build up its matchless quality over Buddhism.

In a tribal war, it frequently happened that a tribe as opposed to being totally obliterated was vanquished and directed. Much of the time a vanquished tribe ended up noticeably broken into bits. As a result of this there dependably existed in Primitive circumstances a coasting populace comprising of gatherings of Broken tribesmen meandering every which way.

“Untouchables are Broken Men having a place with a tribe unique in relation to the tribe including the town group.”

“Broken Men were the supporters of Buddhism and did not want to come back to Brahmanism when it ended up plainly triumphant over Buddhism”.

The Broken Men loathed the Brahmins in light of the fact that the Brahmins were the foes of Buddhism and the Brahmins forced untouchability upon the Broken Men since they would not leave Buddhism. On this thinking, it is conceivable to infer that one of the foundations of untouchability lies in the disdain and scorn which the Brahmins made against the individuals who were Buddhist.

Could the contempt amongst Buddhism and Brahmanism be taken to be the sole reason why Broken Men progressed toward becoming Untouchables? Clearly, it can’t be. The disdain and hatred lectured by the Brahmins were coordinated against Buddhists when all is said in done and not against the Broken Men specifically. Since untouchability adhered to Broken Men just, clearly there was some extra condition which has had its influence in attaching untouchability upon the Broken Men. What could that situation have been? We should next direct our exertion toward determining it.

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Top 4 Scandals From The Royal Zone




A couple of days prior, photographs of Prince Harry romping stripped with a blonde hit the web. While the sovereign has had his offer of discussion before, incorporating going to a gathering in a Nazi uniform and getting found smoking weed, he has far to go to make up for lost time to some of his shocking relatives.

The George IV Scandal

The most significant embarrassment of his life included his primary courtesan, a twice-widowed Catholic lady named Maria Fitzherbert. When she declined to lay down with him, he began sending her suicide noticed that kept running as long as 42 pages. In the end, she yielded—however just on the off chance that he wedded her.

Not at all like the Prince of Wales today, George essentially couldn’t wed a plebeian. Over that, it was illicit for him to marry a Catholic. He disregarded all that, however, and wedded Mrs Fitzherbert in a mystery wedding in the dead of night. It was secret to the point that apparently everybody in England thought about it inside a couple of months. After ten years, when his dad demanded he get hitched for genuine to a remote princess he abhorred, George’s unlawful marriage debilitated to crash the entire thing. At last, he surrendered his paramour and various youngsters to do his obligation, yet his picture was discoloured until the end of time.

The Edward VII Scandal

Edward VII was more likely than not the most finished sexed ruler in British history. For the duration of his life, it is evaluated he laid down with a considerable number of ladies. Some prompted outrages, including a previous companion debilitating to extort the sovereign after he laid down with his companion’s better half. No ifs and or buts it was his first sexual experience that sent the most grounded shockwaves through the regal family.

Edward (who was called Bertie by his family) had the setback of being profligate in a group of prudes. His folks, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, had both been virgins when they wedded and it never struck them that their kids could ever consider not following that way themselves. Be that as it may, at 19 years old, his folks sent him off to a military camp for the mid-year, and there he experienced the camp whore. Regardless of being watched like a peddle by his chaperones, he figured out how to have intercourse with her three distinct circumstances, all of which he recorded in his journal.

Inevitably one of his chaperones discovered what was happening and educated Edward’s folks. Their response was exaggerated, without a doubt. They would never take a gander at him again without being reminded of how he had fizzled. He would never get hitched now since his significant other would be too great and unadulterated for him. Bertie backpedalled to class at Cambridge. However, his dad, not substance to reprimand him in letters, came to visit and took his child on a long stroll in the rain keeping in mind the end goal to holler at him some more. At the point when Prince Albert fell sick a brief timeframe later, the specialists revealed to Queen Victoria it was because of the stun of her child’s double-crossing. Albert passed on of his disease, and Victoria pointed the finger at her child and beneficiary for the demise of her dearest spouse for whatever remains of her life. All since he got it on with a hooker.

The Queen Victoria Scandal

While she may have been smug in her more youthful years, in maturity, Queen Victoria may have pulled out all the stops. When she was widowed, she pulled back entirely from open life and segregated herself on her nation domains. There she turned out to be near a Scottish hireling named John Brown (envisioned with the Queen). She enabled him to take freedoms that nobody else would dream of, such as calling her “lady” rather than “Your Majesty.” She gave him exhibits and made different respects and awards to present to only him. Her kids took to calling Brown “Mom’s sweetheart,” and soon bits of gossip were returning to London about their relationship. Some guaranteed they rested in abutting rooms and that a pastor had conceded on his demise bed that he had directed a mystery marriage between the two. A well-known magazine began alluding to the ruler as Mrs Darker.

At the point when Brown kicked the bucket, Victoria was upset. She had a statue of him assembled and the directions she cleared out when she kicked the bucket incorporated that she be covered with a bolt of his hair, his photo, and a ring he had given her. After Victoria’s passing, her most youthful little girl experienced her journals and consumed a large number of the pages that she thought were excessively messy, making it impossible ever to observe the light of day. Numerous are ventured to have been about Brown.

Unexpectedly, similar to Prince Harry, Queen Victoria was additionally the subject of a lascivious picture in her childhood, despite the fact that this one was deliberate. As a present for her better half from the get-go in their marriage, she had a scandalous picture painted of herself, one which Prince Albert discovered so attractive that he concealed it away in his private office so nobody else could ever coincidentally observe it.

The Duke of Kent’s Scandal

No individual from the regal family has ever been viewed as more shocking to the family that the present ruler’s Uncle George, the Duke of Kent. His life is considered so disagreeable that right up ’til today his papers are fixed at Windsor Castle, and no analysts are permitted to take a gander at them. This may have a comment on the way that George was androgynous.

As the fourth child of George V and fifth in line to the position of authority, George, similar to Prince Harry, knew his odds of getting to be above all else were thin and he was more liberated than his siblings to carry on with the life he needed to. Also, it turned out the experience he needed to live included bunches of sex and medications.

Before his marriage, he should have delighted in the organisation of thin blonde men, however, a while later his tastes extended to incorporate a dark (female), vocalist. He was captured for participating in gay movement in any event once, however, discharged when his character was affirmed. The papers might not have provided details regarding his careless activities, but rather all of high society thought about them.

George was likewise vigorously dependent on morphine and cocaine and was put under house capture by one of his siblings amid the 1920s trying to cure him. It didn’t work.

The Duke was not watchful when it came to keeping in touch with his darlings and was supposedly extorted by a male whore over his affection letters. Other filthy notes by George to Noel Coward were likely stolen from the dramatist’s home.

George passed on in a plane crash at 39 years old. Puzzle even encompasses his passing. While the official form is that the pilot took the wrong flight way and collided with a mountain, bits of gossip began flowing that the Prince, a pilot himself, had been flying during alcoholic. Others spread vulgar gossipy tidbits that his way of life had turned out to be excessively of a risk for his family, and he had been slaughtered deliberately.

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Top 5 Financial Scams Of All Time




History is full of with tricks and fakes that expelled billions of dollars from the pockets of financial specialists and pulverised whole economies. This post contains the absolute most critical.

There is one significant contrast, however, between the Great Wall Street Ripoff and the all whatever is left of these history-production tricks. Check whether you can make sense of it before you get to the finish of this best five list!


The greatest case of fraud in European history has a place with Parmalat. Everything began when the Italian dairy goliath couldn’t make a $185 million bond instalment, provoking examiners to investigate the organisation’s accounts. By the day’s end, it was discovered that over a 15-year term, Parmalat had faked vast amounts of reports and designed advantages for cover almost $16 billion in liabilities – more than the organisation was worth at the time. A once flourishing organisation that developed from humble beginnings in Italy to claim 3 European football clubs and support a Formula One driver, Parmalat was blamed for budgetary extortion and tax evasion.

The Charles Keating Scam

Charles H. Keating was a champion swimmer, dissident, legal counsellor, investor, and land engineer. Be that as it may, the thing he is most known for is his part in the investment funds and advance embarrassment of the late 1980s. Charles Keating turned into the head of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association in 1984. Quickly in the wake of joining the venture, he terminated the current administration. Amid those circumstances, there were very free limitations on managing an account ventures. Exploiting this opportunity, Keating started putting contributor’s cash in high-chance speculations. For the following four years, Lincoln’s benefits expanded. It ascended from $1.1 billion to $5.5 billion.

In 1989, Lincoln Savings’ parent organisation, American Continental Corporation, went bankrupt. The day after American Continental Corporation went bankrupt, Federal specialists seized Lincoln Savings. The trick left 23,000 clients with useless bonds.

The Mississippi Fraud Scheme

At the point when Scottish budgetary virtuoso John Law began an organisation to build up then-wild Louisiana, he didn’t see anything amiss with advertising the possibilities instead of the truth. He persuaded speculators (counting the French government) to back his improvement conspire. Offers in his organisation soar and French money expanded in esteem, since it was trusted France would pick up a pile of gold and silver from what was then just a swampy backwater. At the point when financial specialists got what Louisiana resembled, shared plunged. Law barely abstained from being lynched, getting away only by camouflaging himself as a sick person. He kicked the bucket in destitution nine years after the fact.

The Ponzi Scheme

In the mid-year of 1919, Charles Ponzi was living in Boston. The thought of a trick started framing in his mind when he got a letter from a Spanish organisation. The letter contained a global answer coupon (IRC). This coupon could be recovered by the beneficiary for postage to the sender’s nation. Ponzi understood that he could purchase the ticket in one country and after that trade them for postage in another country with a higher estimation of postage. Before long, he set his arrangement into movement, yet he required a lot of money to purchase the IRCs with poor, European monetary forms.

To collect the cash, he went to his companions and guaranteed them twofold returns in 90 days. A few people contributed, and they got the enthusiasm as guaranteed. In January 1920, Ponzi opened his particular organisation to advance this plan. In the first place, 18 individuals contributed. They got the guaranteed intrigue the following month. As word spread about this unimaginable plan, ventures began pouring in.

By June 1920, the net aggregate interest in Ponzi’s plan rose to $2.5 million. Individuals started selling their homes and even put their life reserve funds in the plan. Nobody understood that Charles Ponzi was paying the before financial specialists with the cash contributed by new speculators. Ponzi’s quick ascent drew doubts, and his exposure operator discovered implicating records identified with the trick. The operator composed an article for the Boston Post which brought Ponzi’s trick into general visibility. From here on, things went south for Charles Ponzi, and his speculators lost about $20 million. In November 1920, Ponzi was condemned to five years in jail.

The Libor Scandal

The Libor rate is a loan fee utilised by banks and money related establishments everywhere throughout the world. It’s a worldwide loan fee, and it influences $350 trillion worth of advantages. That is 20 times the measure of the U.S. economy.

The embarrassment included the illicit settling of this rate. Banks would over or under-report the rate to profit them – making vast amounts of trade out the procedure. Raise the price a couple of premise focuses and all of a sudden you’ve made an additional 200 million dollars in two minutes. It’s evaluated that Libor settling has taken a toll different U.S. legislative elements in any event $6 billion.

It can make for troubling perusing. However, it is critical that we take away lessons from the budgetary outrages of the past. Continuously get your work done when you get into contributing and don’t underestimate anything.

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Disclaimer: All images are sourced from the web. No copyright infringement intended.

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Top 4 Political Scandals That Rocked UK




As they say, nothing in this world is devoid of shortcomings. The world coloniser United Kingdom is no different, and we have a list of scandals that rocked the allied nation.

Here goes the list –

Westminster WhatsApp Sex Scandal 

The scandal broke out courtesy of a WhatsApp group used by women working in Westminster who utilize it to caution each other about MPs with a notoriety for sexually wrong conduct.

Different claims about conduct in the Commons originated from a previous Westminster bar supervisor, who told the Sun how she was bothered for sex by up to 30 MPs.

Ministers including Mark Garnier and Damian Green were among the legislators named in the report, which also incorporates MPs over the political separation grabbing staff in lifts and having “meandering hands” in taxis.

Individuals from the group included parliamentary scientists, secretaries and assistants who assert that legislators on the two sides of the house have had intercourse in their workplaces, revoltingly bugged individuals from staff and subjected female specialists to sexist comments.

Tobacco Advertising Scandal, 1997

Surrogate advertising is something that is used by brands across the globe on a regular basis. But what makes this exceptional is the fact that a public exemption for Tobacco was made for F1, reportedly – all for personal gains.

In January 1997 Mr Ecclestone, the Formula One boss, gave £1million to Labor – a gift just made open toward the beginning of November after the administration had reported F1 would be excluded from a restriction on tobacco ads.

Mr Ecclestone campaigned for the exclusion at a gathering at Number 10 with Mr Blair on 16 October.

A political storm was followed by a media outburst, during which the Mr. Blair downplayed the link between any conjecture that was being made. Eventually, he had to apologize during an interview with BBC One, during which he stated that the issue was handled in a bad way.

Years have passed, but this still continues to haunt.

UK’s Arms Trade to Iraq

The Arms-to-Iraq scandal included the indictment of Matrix Churchill and directors Paul Henderson and Peter Allen by Customs and Excise department in 1992 for the asserted illicit fare to Iraq of mechanical weapons.

The case crumbled on November 1992 when it rose that the then Conservative government knew about the tradeoffs. This prompted the setting up of the Scott Inquiry, lead by Lord Justice Scott which explored the Matrix Churchill case.

In 2001 the two chiefs were paid pay by the administration out of a store for unnatural birth cycles of equity.

Several assassinations like those of arms dealer Gerald Bull, a 28-year-old British journalist, Jonathan Moyles, and the former deputy prime minister of Belgium, Andre Cools have been allegedly linked to this scandal.

John Stonehouse – Return From Fake Death

John Stonehouse, was a British Labour and Co-operative Party politician and junior minister, who remembered for his unsuccessful attempt at faking his own death in 1974. He was found in Melbourne with his girlfriend and previous secretary, Sheila Buckley, who instantly started a legal battle against Britain to confront extortion charges emerging from his business dealings, which left a reserve he set up to assist Bangladeshi casualties of a tropical storm with £600,000 missing from its records.

His significant other of 24 years, Barbara, was at first elated at the news of her better half’s arrival from the dead and flew out to Australia for an enthusiastic gathering – just to learn of Sheila Buckley’s presence and her significant other’s double-crossing.

This came as a big blow.

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